How to invest in cryptocurrencies if we don't have time

Nov 04, 2019

Cryptocurrency has been a burning topic since the past decade now.

Cryptocurrency has attracted a lot of eyes.

Cryptocurrency has crossed the mind of almost every investor today but very less of them actually land up actually investing.

Although there have been numerous news headlines of people getting high returns from the investments they made in cryptocurrency still the ones compared to the markets is very less.

Let us dive into it and learn what is stopping people from investing and what can be done to overcome it.

The biggest fear of investing has always been a fear of volatility. Investors most often choose other markets to invest in because of their stability.

Diversify your portfolio

Despite the volatility, there are ways that can help you to invest in cryptocurrency with a really low risk involved.

One of the most popular ways of securing your cryptocurrency investment or in that case any investment is to diversify your portfolio. Diversifying portfolio does the trick of identifying the top currencies and spreading your portfolio across.

But is having and maintaining a diversified portfolio as easy as said?

Having a diversified portfolio means looking and choosing the best-performing coins. It also includes factors like rebalancing portfolios regularly and keeping an eye on the market.

All this is another full-time job and if you want to enjoy the full benefit of cryptocurrency you have to be careful about your decisions.

All this means that there is a lot of time that goes into a successful investment.

Time is the most important investment that we can have and with time there is just so much more we can do if invested properly.

With time in hand, there is just so much that you can do.

You can do something that makes you happy.

Follow your dreams.

Spend time with your family or just devote some time to yourself in things that give you peace.

The list can go on endlessly but what is limited is time. Therefore it is necessary that you spend your time mindfully.

Managing a diversified portfolio is another big task that becomes very hectic if you have another full-time job. It takes away your peace and in the end, you end up overly occupied.

And in the end it again brings us to the realisation of what we are doing is to give us peace, and what is the point of working if it does not give us peace.

You can be a working mother or someone who spends most of their time working in another full-time job. But this should not stop you from investing. Although things like looking at the charts the whole day seem hectic it is just a part of the investment that people mostly have to devote their time to.

Rebalancing your portfolio

Another aspect of investing is rebalancing your portfolio. With a diverse portfolio, there is much more that goes into it than investing in just a single asset. You have to constantly check where your money is invested and is performing well.

According to most expert investors, it is advisable to rebalance your portfolio whenever there is a 5% change in the value of the coin. Again looking at these changes for a vastly diverse portfolio can eat up a lot of time and let’s not forget rebalancing each coin and the calculation involved.

Not only time but extra expense like the cost of withdrawing and again depositing can add up to a ton more.

Time management with professionally managed low-risk portfolios:

One way to get out of the vicious cycle of investing money and in exchange investing your own time is to invest in a properly monitored portfolio. These professionally managed portfolios have a much lower risk than investing in any ordinary portfolio as they are

  • Diversified portfolios:

When it comes to low-risk crypto portfolios ”Low risk” feature comes because of the diversification. These look after what coins are performing best in the market and thus help you to invest in the best coins only. The better the coins in your portfolio, the better are the returns afterwards. After all the market cap determines what the majority of the population is eyeing on.

  • Lower fee involved in the process:

When you are going for a diverse portfolio, it isn’t necessary that you find all the coins you are looking for at the same place. You may have to switch between exchanges and sometimes more than 5 exchanges which afterwards becomes a headache on its own. This also increases the price related to each exchange that may stack up to eat most of your profits involved. When you are going to only one place to manage your portfolio as we have mentioned above, involves a lot less money spent on each step.

  • Does the market research for you:

With the above solution, you no longer have to sit hours before the charts and waste your sleep. Nightmares of the market falling will not haunt you in your sleep as these take care of your assets and monitor it.

  • Rebalance your portfolio whenever required:

They rebalance your portfolio whenever necessary and do all the necessary calculations. It just shows you the end result with sorting out the best coins and distributing your investment in each asset that will be the most profitable.

  • Time management:

With all this, there is a lot of time that you have already saved by not worrying over all these issues. The time you have saved can now be devoted to further investment or to catch up on something you love doing but have left behind.

Today more than the money itself the problem that people face is the issue of managing the time. The main idea of working today is to have a secure future. But for having the future you always aspired to have a mindful investment which requires ample time to be dedicated.

You need a game plan:

How and where to invest requires you to understand your requirements. Every person has his/her personal requirements and challenges, therefore to have a customised diverse investment plan is a good option which is fulfilled by the low-risk portfolio manager.

Does the strategy looks too complicated for you? No worry. We provide a easy, fast, and secure solution to execute all of them on behalf of you for small fees. Learn More.


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