A smarter, effortless way to invest in cryptos | Libertypool is finally here!

Getting Started Oct 30, 2019

We have been undercover with the updates until now but we have a surprise for you all!

All these weeks we have been busy. Busy with adding value to your life, busy with making Libertypool to make your life even easier.

All these months of planning and immense hard work has finally brought our dreams to life. Here we are launching our very own smart low risk investing platform. Libertypool. Shoutout to our development team for putting their 100% into this project.

Libertypool was born out of the idea of a world free of monetary constraints. In today’s world, we are so busy with our lives and fulfilling the temporary goals that we often lose sight of the future. The future of us and our family. To have enough for ourselves is one thing and to have enough to also fulfil all our dreams is one. We all want to live the life we have always dreamt for but how many of us actually take a step towards actually achieving it. Every person who has made it big early in his life has one mantra, that is to invest. But let's be honest, we all want to buy that expensive addition to our already luxurious asset.

This lethargic habit of today’s world of not considering the investment has encouraged us even more to build our product. A product that encourages people to invest and to help the early investors in to make the right decisions.

⚡️ Why invest with Libertypool:

Diversified portfolio

Libertypool lets you invest in the most diversified portfolio in the market. With a diversity of up to 30 cryptocurrencies, we know that the currencies are best in the market. We choose the best cryptocurrencies by applying the CCi30 index that helps us to identify the coins with the top market cap and also what proportion of our investment should go into which asset. Diversified with dozens of crypto assets reflect the entire blockchain market with 99% accuracy.


Along with diversifying we should also see how our investment is performing and rebalance it from time to time. Libertypool also rebalances your portfolio monthly to give the best out of your investment. Monthly auto portfolio rebalancing of your portfolio is done to maximize profits.

You do not have to check the charts again and again

We take it seriously when we say that we help new investors invest money. We keep a check at the charts so that you can sleep peacefully. What’s better than earning money through investment each month?

Our motive has always been: To help the world by giving them a hand out of the financial constraints. And we are doing this one investment at a time.

🏆 How it works

Step 1

Fund your portfolio by adding Bitcoins. We have chosen bitcoins so that it serves the customers from all around the globe. You can invest directly through bitcoin and not dollars. The minimum amount you require to invest is $500. Now the $500 is pretty less compared to the vast diversification you will get in your portfolio. By making it $500 we are making your portfolio just feasible.

Step 2

Wait for Libertypool to do all the calculations and rebalance your portfolio. If you like it press the invest button and all your assets are distributed among a diverse set of cryptocurrencies.

Yes, it’s that simple!

So are you ready to start investing in the golden world of cryptocurrency where you can get high investment returns with the benefit of the lowest risk?

Libertypool is surely the world's simplest solution to invest in the entire blockchain market. 🚀

It's like subscribing to a new service but this time the subscription pays you back!

Start investing with Libertypool


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